P&C Nomination forms


Nominations are now open for all P&C sub-committees and executive positions.

The Commitment

Just a few hours each term to support your team and attend a meeting or two.

The Executive

Focuses on key operational requirements of the P&C and provides support to each of our sub-committees and specialist representatives. This includes finance and insurances, people, planning and staffing, administration, communication and managing special projects as needed.


Positions: President - Vice Presidents (2) - Treasurer - Secretary - and up to six Exec members.


Support our services and ensures that the needs of the parents and students are considered in the delivery of our services. 

Our Committees:

  • Band

  • Before and After School Care (BASC)

  • Canteen

  • Finance

  • Environment/Kitchen Garden

  • Events and Fundraising 

  • ​Uniform

  • Class Parent Representative

  • Sun Safety Representative

  • Other adhoc committees may be formed if needed.


Understanding the roles-





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Download the Nomination Form

Return your form

  • to the school office 

  • by email 

  • in person at the beginning of any P&C Meeting


About your nomination: Only current financial members can be nominated for positions.  Any unfilled positions at an AGM become a "casual vacancy" and can be filled at any subsequent General Meeting. All nominations must be seconded and will be voted in at a relevant P&C meeting.

For information contact the P&C Secretary