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our AGM
TUESDAY, 29 march 2022
From 7pm

Join the team that makes a difference to your child's whole school experience!

New members always welcome.

The AGM will take place via Zoom

Zoom link:

7:00pm - 8:00pm

The AGM will be followed by the General Meeting (8:00pm - 9:00pm).

Learn more about the P&C here

P&C Constitution

P&C Rules and By-Laws


Documents for 2022 AGM:

To be eligible to vote or to nominate as a committee member at the AGM you must be a current financial member. Unfilled positions will automatically become a “causal vacancy” and can be filled by new or existing financial members at any General Meeting.


Membership is only $1 and is valid from the close of the meeting you sign-up until the end of the following AGM.

The P&C General Meeting will be held directly after the AGM. Committee reports will be discussed and any casual vacancies can be filled by new members if necessary.

Agenda and Committee Reports 

Minutes of previous General Meeting

For more information email

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