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March 15, 2020

We are a parent body that represents the wider school community. Please join us at the Annual General Meeting and sign up as an Executive Committee member, a special interest Sub-committee member or a general member.


What is the P&C?

The P&C provides a number of services for the betterment of the school, the students and the parent community. We rely on a team of volunteers to help our school and the students thrive.


Who is it for?

The P&C is for everyone! Do you have an interest in building a community and helping our students wellbeing? Please consider joining the Executive Committee or one of our special interest Sub-committees.


There's absolutely no experience necessary!


How can I get involved?

There are many ways you can help and there's absolutely no experience necessary!


Do you have a skill that could benefit the team or are just keen to help shape the future of the school?


The Executive: Do you have project management skills? Can you prepare a spreadsheet or are you good with Word? How about preparing grant applications or contracts? Perhaps graphic design and websites are more your thing?


Sub-Committees: Perhaps you have a more specific interest. Here are some of the sub-committees that you can join.

  • Band

  • BASC

  • Canteen

  • Enrichment

  • Environment

  • Events and Fundraising

  • Finance

  • Kitchen Garden

  • Student Safety and Wellbeing (incl Traffic and Sun Smart)

  • Uniform


There's also a class parent coordinator to keep you all informed.


Nomination forms available here.  


Everyone can join!  General Members having voting rights on a number of our services, projects and initiatives. Sign-up for just $1.Our General Meetings are held once a term in the school library.


2019 P&C Achievements Include:

  • Installing the new playground COLA

  • Installing two new BASC buildings to help shorten waitlist

  • Hosting a number of social and fundraising events

  • Providing the school with new supplies and equipment through programs such as Earn and Learn

  • Introducing new fundraising programs for the Kitchen Garden and Band 

  • Introducing the hugely successful environmental and sustainability program associated with the Carnival and the war on waste program to students throughout curriculum activities

  • Undertaking a water audit and identifying health and safety issues which has led to planning the installation of new water fountains and water refill stations on the oval

  • Delivering enrichment programs such as Interrelate 

  • Installing a new POS system in the uniform shop

  • Updating our sun safety policy and ensuring that MW complies with the requirements to remain a 'sun safe school'


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