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Useful tips and information from parents who have been there before...

What is the P&C?


  • The P&C is the Parents and Citizens Association of the school; its aim is to fundraise and generally help the school but it is also the parents’ voice in the school. It holds general meetings once a term which all parents are invited to attend to discuss/raise school matters and more importantly decide on the direction of the P&C.

  • It also manages services like canteen, school band, the uniform shop, the kitchen garden, Before and After School Care (BASC) and runs fundraising.

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  • The school year is divided into Semester 1 and Semester 2.  Terms 1 and 2 are in Semester 1 and 3 and 4 are in Semester 2.  Most terms are 10 weeks long and the first day of Terms 1, 2 and 3 is usually a pupil-free day. 

  • Winter uniform is worn Terms 2 and 3.  Summer uniform Terms 1 and 4.

  • The school day starts at 9.20 am and ends at 3.20pm.

  • There is a bell at 8.50am which is when teacher supervision begins in the playground and is the earliest time you may drop your child at school.

  • There is a warning bell at 9.15am which signals children to line up ready for 9.20am.

  • If you arrive after 9.30am, your child should go to the school office to sign in late.


  • The Principal is Mrs Organ

  • Infants is Years K-2 (Mrs Mwanga – Deputy Principal)

  • Primary is Years 3-6 (Mrs Bruce – Deputy Principal)

Bills and Reports

  • At the start of each semester you will receive a bill from the school for extras such as school trips or activities.

  • School reports come out twice a year.  There are also parent teacher interviews once a year which you book on line but you can contact your child’s teacher via the school anytime and they will call you to arrange a meeting. PBL stands for Positive Behaviour for learning which the school adheres to.



  • Every Wednesday the school newsletter, Manly West Matters, comes out via email.  Try to read it – it holds the key to what’s going on at the school and often, more importantly, when.

Class Parents


  • Each class has a volunteer Class Parent (decided on the class information night in Term 1).

  • They organise any class social events, and most importantly, forward information and messages from your class teacher and also liaison between P&C and yourself.

Before and After School Care
  • BASC stands for “Before and After School Care”.  This has a waiting list for permanent places.

Positive Behaviour for Learning and Rewards Program

  • PBL stands for “Positive Behaviour for Learning” which the school adheres to.

  • There is a reward programme of minis, merit awards, expectation cards and banners.  Your child will explain!  For bad behaviour there is a system of orange and red cards.

  • All students take part in the Dance Program two terms out of four in which sports uniform is worn.



  • Year 3 Band participation starts but is not compulsory and at an additional cost to the student with private lessons for instruments also required.  

  • Band camp takes place every year and is during the day for Year 3 but children stay overnight in Years 4 and above.

Sport & Swimming

  • Year 3 - PSSA Sports (Primary Schools Sports Association) interschool competitions start, children try out for different sports teams depending on winter or summer over two trial Fridays. (Juniors = Years 3 and 4 & Seniors = Years 5 and 6)

  • If they do not make a team they still participate in other supervised sports at school.

  • There is school swimming, cross country and athletics carnivals held for students aged over

  • Younger students have an athletics day of fun activities at the school at another time.

  • Year 2 there is a 2 week swimming program run as part of the curriculum.  This takes place at Manly Boy Charlton Swimming Pool.


  • Years 3 and 5. NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Numeracy and Literacy) tests take place.



  • Years 5 and 6. Pupils currently go away on overnight camps with the school.

  • Year 6 conduct fundraising activities including a ‘Pedlar’s Parade’ for their own leaving party and for a donation to the school – such a piece of equipment.

Drama & Parades


  • There is a whole school dramatic production every alternate year (next is 2018).  

  • There is a yearly Easter Hat Parade and a Book Week Parade.


  • The school carnival (Fundraising for the P&C) is also held every alternate year (next is 2019).


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