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THE p&c

The P&C is a vital part of the school community and has a proud history of helping make Manly West the Best!

Our members are all volunteers from within the school community. Our philosophy is to support our school, our students, and the school community.


Our aim is to bring parents, citizens, students, and the school together to provide quality services and to help fund school infrastructure, technology, resources and maintenance of equipment.


We are a not-for-profit organisation, and our profits are reinvested back into the school to enable it to provide a good education and environment for the student.


We encourage you to join us and make a difference to your child’s school experience. We meet once each school term to discuss a wide range of issues. We run four revenue-based business units, fundraise via various events and manage a range of projects, events, and programs to benefit the needs of the students and the school. 

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